Beautiful Vietnam
A rural market amid Hanoi
  • | VietNamNet | May 29, 2012 08:43 AM

Thanh Nhan market in Soc Son district, Hanoi, still preserves features of rural markets in the past.

This market has been operating for several decades. It is only several kilometers
from the Noi Bai International Airport

The market opens less than ten times a month, offering goods for farmers

A woman works the bellows while her husband grinds a knife for sales


Vegetables and fruit

Mr. Tuyen, a key maker, who has been her fore tens of years. He said he earns around $4/marketday.
He has to pay VND500,000 ($25)/year, plus daily fee, for this seat

A kid goes to the market with his mother

Vegetable sellers said that they only sell vegetable harvested from their own gardens

Dry pancakes

Conical hats

A baby duck is priced VND3,500 to VND12,000 ($0.17-0.6)

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