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Ban Than’s natural beauty on a stunning tropical beach
  • | SGT | July 25, 2012 09:50 PM

Vietnam’s rich coastal line is never-ending and is full of gorgeous landscapes - but there are not many places that have the unique natural beauty of Ban Than on Tam Hai Island off Quang Nam Province.


A tourist takes some photos at Ban Than 

Ban Than is a stone surface stretching for around one kilometer from the east side of Tam Hai Island. It was created from different and impressive stone shapes that are as black as coal.

Ban Than is a stone surface stretching around one kilometer from the east side of Tam Hai Island - Photos: Hung Minh

People said that the area was created from frozen volcano lava that has left huge cracks on some large stones.

Tam Hai Island is located next to Chu Lai Airport in Nui Thanh District of Quang Nam Province. From Danang Airport you travel on Highway No. 1 for about 60km to the south, before reaching Tam Anh Town. Then, tourists are advised to head to the beach and take a five-minute ferry ride to the island.

A ferry can carry three four-seater cars and the two-way cost for each traveler is a mere VND1,000. Once arriving on the island, you have to travel on a small cement road for 6-7 km which is located in between local people’s houses.

It’s not easy to find Ban Than but if you want to see spectacular landscapes that are barely touched by nature, then it is worth the trouble.


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