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Staying the night at Dao Village
  • | SGT | October 10, 2012 04:03 PM

Just spending one night with a Dao minority family is a great experience for tourists.

In the Nam Choong village of Xin Man Commune, Ha Giang Province, tourists can do just that as they can easily find a cozy homestay for the night and enjoy the hot spring that runs through the village during the day as they experience the daily routines of Dao people.

Xin Man Commune is located in the north-west area of Ha Giang Province but tourists can reach it from the city of Ha Giang or Lao Cai.

Nam Choong village is special not only thanks to the hot spring, but also because it’s the living place of Dao Ao Dai and its villagers still keep the old traditions alive on a daily basis.


The bridge leading to the Dao’s locality

The hosts will serve lunch and dinner according to visitor’s request. Normally meals will include chicken, pork, buffalo, fish and vegetable dishes - Photos: Pham Thai


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