Beautiful Vietnam
Hanoi preserves silent and peaceful beauty during Tet
  • By Huu Nghi | | February 11, 2013 10:17 AM

Casting off the stuffy, crowded and noisy atmosphere seen during normal days, Hanoi turns into a silent place with nearly deserted streets during Tet.

With a population of nearly seven million people, many of whom are immigrants, Hanoi has become a bustling, crowded metropolis.

Now, when Tet has come, many of the immigrants return to their hometowns, leaving mostly native Hanoians, vaguely harkening back to a quieter time, especially on the first day of the lunar new year.


Hang Da Street

Tho Nhuom Street

Hang Non Street

Luong Van Can Street

Dao Duy Tu Street

Hang Bac Street

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