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Pictures tell the whole story: Images of the 2010 Hue Festival
  • | | June 15, 2010 07:52 PM

The Hue Festival 2010 has reached its close after nine days of memorable performances and celebrations.

Artists and performers belonging to 28 troupes from 5 continents were showcased in the festival's many performances - from music to circus acts to puppet shows.

Thousands of pictures were taken at the event, and below are the few that have been carefully selected by DTiNews as capturing some of the festival's most striking moments.

Performers of the Diogal and Senegal group, representatives of Africa, participating for the first time in the Hue Festival.

Unique fire dancing show from Australia's Carnival of the Divine Imagination.

Argentinian dance musicians, representatives from South America.

Yangpyeong troupe (Korea), representatives of Asia.

Vietnam's representative, young performer Le Cat Trong Ly.

Cuban performers filling the night with hot Latin tunes.

Performers from Mongolia dressed in traditional costumes.

Street performances of Baladeu'x, from juggling to accordion music, were a hit.

Traines Savates (France) performing acrobatics.

Curtis King (USA) of a country band, playing a flute in front of the audience.

Member of the Shlomo Gronich Band (Israel) playing a natural shell as an instrument.

Jedliniok dance group from Poland performing a traditional dance.

Festival volunteer joining in with a Cuban dancer.

Foreign tourists dancing by the bright lights of the festival.

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