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Ornate bird cages from Sapa
  • | TP, VietNamNet, | December 25, 2013 08:38 AM
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Many bird lovers in the foggy town of Sapa spend tens of millions of VND on luxury bird cages.


The prices of cages can reach the tens of millions of VND

Many visitors to Sapa, Lao Cai Province have called at a special cafe, adjacent to the market gate, to experience a unique space that is under the shade of old mossy trees.

Many have been impressed by meticulously-made bird cages hung around the place.

The owner of the collection of the bird cages is a craftsman experienced in wood sculpture.

It is said that the bird cages are very rare. They are carefully made from bamboo splints imported from the city of Guilin in China to house nightingales. The cages are meticulously crafted.

“Before, the collection included hundreds of hand-made bird cages, but so many customers begged to buy them, so the owners sold a large portion and now they have kept around ten of the most precious,” one regular customer said.

“In order to sculpt the intricate patterns, craftsman must use a magnifying glass during the process. They also have to pay careful attention to selection, preparation and processing of bamboo,” the owner said.

Because they are so expensive, few people can afford to buy them.

Meticulous sculptures


Special handle

Carefully-made patterns inside

Expensive cages

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