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Artists seek inspiration from the goat for Lunar New Year
  • | | February 19, 2015 08:58 PM

Two Vietnamese artists have painted more than 70 goat images to mark the 2015 Lunar New Year, which according to the ancient Chinese calendar signifies the Year of the Goat.

Le Tri Dung, usually known for his artistry involving horses, has turned his hands to goats, creating 50 images for Tet.

Dung said the goat is one of the signs representing domesticated animals, the others being the rooster, the pig, the bull, the dog and the horse. To him, the male goat symbolises power and the prolific, and the female represents caring gentleness.

Artist Trang Thanh Hien has also taken up the goat theme, with some 20 images, the most striking infused with sexual energy.

Hien said the goat can be seen to represent sex, but it is only a negative feature when dominated by instinct rather than purity and reason, in harmony with the two souls.

Some paintings of artist Le Tri Dung:



Goats and their father 



Five goats 


Goats and peach flowers

Some photos of Trang Thanh Hien:

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