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Quang Nam ethnic minorities celebrate healthy harvest
  • | | August 10, 2010 05:37 PM

Harvest season has arrived bringing with it a healthy crop and serene views of the rice fields in Quang Nam Province.

The Co Tu ethnic minority group is busy harvesting the yellow-ripened rice fields which rest along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

The Co Tu people have a community house in a community yard called a Guol. This is where the women who collect rice from the fields drop it off.

Co Tu people grow rice in a traditional method and harvest it manually by thrashing the rice stocks against a piece of wood or plucking ripened rice off the ears with hands.

After bringing all rice to the Guol yard, they organise a celebration to show their gratitude to the God who gave them a good crop.

Everybody is celebrating and thankful for a season of good crops.

Rice fields scattered along the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ripened rice weighed down with seeds

Co Tu women collecting rice from the fields

Thrashing rice

More of the manual harvesting process

Allowing the rice to dry

Storing to keep safe from weather

A granary at Lang Commnue

Pounding rice before cooking

Offerings for the God’s

Gathering for a celebration

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