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Growers protect peach trees from cold
  • | | January 29, 2016 03:38 PM

Air conditioners have been used at Hanoi's Nhat Tan Village in an attempt to ensure that the peach flower blossoms will bloom just before Tet.

That Thon peach trees are short and have more flowers than other varieties, but also more sensitive to weather. In the past, only royalty and high-class families could afford to display such trees.

Le Ham, a grower in Nhat Tan Village said it could take up to ten years to grow a well-shaped peach tree with beautiful colour.


Le Ham taking care of That Thon peach trees in his garden

In order to protect That Thon peach trees from the weather and to make sure the flowers bloom at the correct time, he installed two-way air conditioners to manage the temperature.


Air conditioners installed

That Thon peach tree is small but the flowers usually have a beautiful reddish colour. "Each period, the tree will need different temperatures," Ham said.

The rental fees for each tree range from VND10m to VND40m (USD1,900). Trees that have unique and great shape can cost up to several hundreds of million of VND.

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