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Paradise Group to launch new line of Halong Bay cruise ships
  • | | February 27, 2017 03:05 PM
The Paradise Group will introduce a new line of crafted cruise ships, known as Paradise Elegance which will set sail from March.
A Paradise Elegance ship

At 25 square metres, the cabins on the two new ships are said to be some of the largest in Halong Bay which the company hope to ensure that guests can enjoy Halong Bay as much from their private cabins as they can from the various communal areas. There are 31 cabins, each with their own balcony.

Each new vessel weighs 200 tonnes, is 61 metres in length and 13 metres in height.

According to the company, the Paradise Elegance cruise ships also boast a spa, dining room, sun deck and two bars, which are all spread over five decks.

“Many visitors to Halong Bay wish they had spent more time cruising away from the crowds," said Chief Operations Officer of Paradise Group, Carmen Marienberg. "That is why we simultaneously designed the ships to be glorious places to be, and adapted the itinerary in order to escape into more quiet corners of the bay."

The new cruise ships are expected to allow visitors to explore Halong Bay more deeply. Where other vessels stay anchored during excursions, these two vessels will continue sailing around the bay and those visiting the attractions will go by tender boats.

Guests that don’t join the activities will be able to cruise through different parts of the bay instead.

In the evenings, an a la carte dinner can be served either in the dining room or on a private balcony between 7-10pm.

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