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Timetabled cruises of Ha Long Bay to be piloted
  • |, LD | November 23, 2018 07:01 AM
Authorities of Quang Ninh Province have agreed to pilot scheduled cruise services for solo or small group travellers on Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay management board has been assigned to carry out the trial service from now until February next year. 


Tourists in Ha Long 

Over the past ten years, three other agencies in the province were ordered to implement such services, but they all failed. As a result, many solo travellers or those in small groups have had to wait for hours to find cruises for bay tours. In many cases, they have had to buy higher-priced tickets through brokers.

According to the bay management board, the number of small groups is quite modest annually, but the lack of attention to this has affected Ha Long’s service quality. In 2017, around 46,000 visitors of this kind were provided with tours by Tuan Chau Habour out of the 3.9 million tourists who visited Ha Long Bay in the year.

This situation during peak tourism times has existed for many years. Travellers who want to take quick tours usually have to hire the entire cruise or have to wait for hours to find cruises with empty seats.

Under the pilot scheme, in summer, the cruises will depart for every 30-60 minutes, depending on route. In winter, the frequency would be reduced. Information about the cruises and timetable will be published online and at wharves.

“When cruises have enough passengers, they can depart earlier than the regulated time. But, when they are still empty, they would have to depart according to schedule and cruise owners will be compensated for losses,” said Pham Dinh Huynh, vice head of the bay management board.

Dao Manh Luong, head of Ha Long Bay’s cruise association, said the agency supported the plan, adding that management agencies need to work more with cruise owners on the implementation.

The existing booking of cruises will continue unchanged.

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