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Dong Ngac, one of Hanoi’s oldest villages
  • By Huu Nghi | | November 13, 2019 07:14 AM
Dong Ngac is one of few villages in Hanoi which have still kept its cultural features and historical architecture despite the impacts of rapid urbanisation.

The village in Bac Tu Liem District, some 10 kilometres from the city centre is famous for its fondness for learning and handicraft trades. 


More than 100 local houses are over a century old. 


The village is well known for being home of many high-ranking mandarins during the feudal period. Their large houses with pillars made of precious ironwood.

A house with Western architectural features has deteriorated.

The Phan Chi family’s ancestor worshipping house was built 420 years ago. 

House in Alley 35 was built in 1926 with six rooms, showing the owner’s wealth. 


The roof, floor and stairs of the house have been seriously damaged. 


Dong Ngac B Primary School is among the oldest buildings in the village 


Dong Ngac is also called as Ke Ve Village

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