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Da Nang tops Google list of 10 trending destinations for 2020
  • | Nhan Dan | January 13, 2020 08:05 AM
Vietnam’s Da Nang city ranks first in the list of Top 10 trending destinations for 2020 recently announced by Google.

Google’s research methodology compares the number of hotel searches with travel dates in 2020 to a similar assessment of searches from 2018 for travel dates in 2019 to form the list.

According to the list, Da Nang was followed by Sao Paolo, Brazil; Seoul, the Republic of Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Tel Aviv, Israel; Marseille, France; Vienna, Austria; Bangkok, Thailand; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Perth, Australia.

Da Nang was also named as the top trending summer vacation destination in 2019 by American Express Travel based off its US Card Member’s proprietary booking data and year-on-year growth.

Da Nang topped the list with growth of 97% thanks to the expansion of new modernist hotels, apartments and restaurants.

Da Nang received 3.5 million foreign tourists in 2019, up 22.5% over 2018, with the highest number of arrivals coming from the Republic of Korea, China, Japan and Hong Kong (China).

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