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Quat Lam fishermen use not only rods but also hands and horns
  • | | December 22, 2010 10:20 PM

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Fishermen by day, musicians for mass, many have joined with Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church orchestra in Quat Lam Town.

Located in northern Nam Dinh Province, the fishermen are also musicians who play horned instruments to perform hymns.

The horned instrument orchestra of St. Joseph’s is the biggest among the local parishes and includes 30 members, over half of whom are fishermen. Hard work has made their hands rough and strong, very different from the hands of professional musicians. However, these rough hands can perform beautifully, sounding out solemn hymns which are an indispensable part of the upcoming Christmas Eve services.

Quat Lam Church is where six missions of the parish hold mass, including Giuse

Exciting Christmas atmosphere on every corner of Catholic areas in Quat Lam Town

In Lam Thuong Village, sounds of horned instruments echo as the band practises

Tran Van Cuong is captain of a 160-horsepower ship which fishes in the Nam Dinh sea area

Cuong has had a strong attachment to the trumpet for 25 years

The members often gather at the church of Giuse Mission to practise in the evening for big holidays.

Horned instruments are an expensive so the church provides them

Popular horned instruments are the saxophone, tuba, trumpet and trombone

Most pieces performed are hymns

Artists with rough hands but great passion for music

Playing with passion

The choir of Guise Mission church includes girls who come to boats to buy fish every morning

Practice often lasts two hours in a serious atmosphere

They know learn about musical theory and follow closely

Along with horned instruments is a set of drums

One member plays loudly

The artists are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas

Quat Lam Church during a peaceful afternoon as Christmas approaches

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