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Fishermen in Phu Yen enjoy big catches after Tet
  • | | February 26, 2021 04:37 AM
Fishermen in the southern central province of Phu Yen are enjoying big catches of shrimp and fish after Tet Holiday.

These days, many fishing boats in Song Cau Town arrived at local wharves with bountiful catches, particularly acete shrimp, providing local fishermen with a daily income of VND4-8 million (USD173.91-347.82).

The buckets of fresh acetes are brought ashore from boats to sell to traders.


According to fishermen, the acetes shrimp often appear in Phu Yen in the first lunar month. Local people leave home from 5-6 am and they can catch 5-700 kilos in the morning.

Le Van Du’s boat caught nearly 500 kilos in a morning. At present, a kilo of acetes is sold for VND8,000, so with 500 kilos of acetes, Du’s family can earn VND5 million per day.

The favourable weather and calm sea is the major cause of the successful catches this year.

If the weather is fine, people in Phu Yen can catch acetes until the end of the first lunar month.

Pham Hoai Lam who works at Dan Phuoc fishing port, said that around 50-60 boats docked the port every day. Each boat transports 800-900 kilos of acetes which are then quickly bought by traders.

At this time of the year, many fishermen in Phu Yen also enjoyed the good catches of large head hair tail belt fish.

Phan Van Oanh, a local resident, said that his boat with six people on board caught three tonnes of belt fish in three days, earning them VND60 million.

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