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Hanoi trees mark return of spring
  • By Huu Nghi | | March 01, 2021 06:42 AM
Hanoi’s 'loc vung' (Barringtonia acutangula) trees have started changing leaf colour from red to yellow, making the city's streets more beautiful.


Loc Vung trees are grown in many streets in Hanoi. Unlike the other kinds of trees whose leaves change in Autumn, loc vung trees shed their leaves in Spring. 

A section of Trich Sai Street by the West Lake 

On Nguyen Dinh Thi Street 




Loc Vung is a popular tree kind planted in Vietnamese households as it represents luck and wealth and is well regarded by those that practice Feng Shui. 

At O Cho Dua crossroads  


These days, terminalia catappa trees in Hanoi are also changing their leaves

Many people take photos at this time

Hanoi’s sua flower or Dalbergia tonkinensis season will start from late February and early March.

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