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Fair for unique antiques in Hanoi
  • By Xuan Ngoc – Ha Trang | | September 09, 2013 08:48 AM

A weekly fair in Hanoi has become a unique venue for lovers of antiques across the country.


Modern market sells antiques

Many of the merchants at the market sell objects that may look like rubbish to many, but have great value to the trained eye.

The market welcomes shoppers every Saturday and is in alley 456, of Hoang Hoa Tham Road.

A great diversity of objects are sold there, from appliances to spoons, bowls and water pots. Even old high-end motorbikes can be found.

Many of the most popular items are from the Soviet period, such as old telephones and typewriters, but some of the things sold date back much longer.

Kieu Quoc Khanh, founder of Do Xua or “Old Things” market said, “The idea came from an intention to preserve traditional culture and remember it through its different periods of development, especially in Hanoi. I hope it helps young people understand their past."


Antique market in Hanoi

He added that the market started on June 8 of this year. He initially wanted to hold it once every two weeks, but it attracted so many people that he decided to do it weekly.

Stores selling old dong money attract the most visitors.

The way of trading is also different from other modern markets. Lively auctions are often held for especially sought-after antiques.

Some of those who run the stands are not even willing to sell. They come just to display the things they have collected.

Many antique lovers travel a long distance to attend the fair, in search of that special item. Some of them are just people that have an understanding of the cultural and historical relevance of the things on display and would like to get a look.

Nguyen Hai Dong, a middle-aged man from Hanoi’s Ha Dong District said, “I’m very happy to know about this market. I bought an old dong note.”

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