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Pagoda’s record-breaking terracotta statues
  • By Hoang Ngoc | | July 08, 2017 09:15 AM
Located 30 km east of Hanoi, Nom Pagoda in Hung Yen Province has the largest collection of terracotta statues in Vietnam.

According to legend, Nom Pagoda was built among old pine forests. It is unclear when it was built, but a stele at the pagoda says that it was erected in 1680 and restored many times.



The three-arched-entrance gate is among the largest of this kind in Southeast Asia. 

Many parts of the pagoda are made from rare wood. The pagoda also includes lakes 


After entering Nom Village’s gate, tourists will be impressed with the old houses, wells and banyan trees. According to village customs, whenever visitors come to the village, they should visit Tam Giang Communal House to pray for good luck, before crossing Nguyet Duc River to visit the old pagoda.


The pagoda is famous for 122 large and small Buddha statues which portray Buddha’s path to enlightenment.  


Statues are featured with gestures and vivid facial expressions. Some statues measure 3 metres tall while others are just the size of a fist.


Master-monk of the pagoda Thich Dong Hue said no one can know for sure when the statues were made, but researchers believe that that with wrinkles on clothes and other characteristics of artefacts, the statues were likely crafted in the 18th century.


The stone tower garden 

Quan Am palace is situated in the middle of a lake



When visiting Nom Pagoda, visitors can explore and enjoy one of Vietnam’s oldest villages.

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