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Quang Ngai warns tourists off climbing To Vo Gate
  • | | May 16, 2019 08:06 AM
Authorities in Quang Ngai Province have called on visitors to help protect the To Vo Gate by not climbing on it.


To Vo Gate

Le Van Ninh, vice chairman of Ly Son District, said they had to install new signboards at tourist attractions in the area and have warned tourists about climbing on To Vo Gate.

Formed from the volcanic eruption millions of years ago, To Vo Gate is a 20 metre-long stone archway on the beach. The highest point is four metres above sea level and the lowest is two metres above sea level.

In the past years, many cracks have appeared on the gate, at critical locations which can be easily destroyed by the waves. Rainstorms and thousands of tourists climbing and walking on the gate to take photos regularly have worn the gate down.

In order to preserve the gate, Ly Son authorities asked tourists to prevent from climbing the gate, especially at the same time.

Besides To Vo Gate, Ly Son Island also has another archway 13 metres under the sea and one nautical mile away from Be Island. The arch is believed to have been formed by four volcanoes 250 million years ago and 100 metres long.

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