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Silk, brocade festival to be held in Hoi An
  • |, TTVH | August 06, 2019 08:43 PM
A silk and brocade festival will take place in Hoi An, Quang Nam Province, and is expected to attract dozens of artisans from inside and outside country.

The Vietnam-International Silk & Brocatelle Culture Festival 2019, the fifth of its kind, which is scheduled to take place on August 7-9 is aimed to contribute to honour and promote traditional Vietnamese silk weaving.


Brocade products of Cao Bang Province

Around 80 artisans from eight countries and Vietnamese provinces such as Ha Giang, An Giang and Quang Nam will display their traditional weaving and dyeing techniques at the event.

Well known silk and brocade villages nationwide, including Van Phuc, Nha Xa, Ma Chau, My Duc, Nam Cao, Tan Chau and Cham Ninh Thuan, will introduce their products to international tourists.

They will showcase typical products and weaving and dying on silk techniques. There will also be a fashion show and an exhibition of silk products and equipment for visitors to learn about the trade.

In the 17-18th century, Hoi An was a famous trading port, sending silk products from Vietnam’s southern region to China, Japan, and Europe. Hoi An is now known as a tailoring mecca, with the old town itself having around 400 tailor shops dotted along its alleyways.

For many generations, silk products have remained popular in Vietnam. The country is now home to many silk villages such as Van Phuc in Hanoi, Nha Xa in Ha Nam Province, Ma Chau in Quang Nam Province and Tan Chau in An Giang Province.

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