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Cat Ba Island cable car route to be inaugurated soon
  • By Truong Thinh | | June 02, 2020 03:48 PM
Part of Cat Ba cable car system will be put into operation this weekend, shortening the travel time from the mainland to the island.

The 3,955-metre Cat Hai-Phu Long cable car section linking Dong Bai and Phu Long communes in Cat Hai District which belongs to the 19.5-km Cat Ba cable car system is scheduled for the inauguration on June 6.


Part of Cat Ba cable car system will be put into operation this weekend

The section, which has two cable car pillars with each accommodating 30 people, can run at the maxim eight metres per second, capable of serving 4,500 passengers per hour.

The three-wire Cat Hai-Phu Long can help to cut travelling time from Got ferry terminal to just nine minutes from the current 20 minutes and also ease congestion at the terminal where tourists even have to wait for 2-3 hours or even longer to take a boat to the island.

The entire Cat Ba cable car system spans the sea to link the towns of Cat Hai and Cat Ba islands, including Cat Hai, Phu Long, Cat Ba National Park, Cat Don and Cat Ba.

Upon completion, this cable car will have the longest cable line in the world. Its length triples that of Tianmen Mountain Cableway in China, the world’s longest cable car line to date. The Cat Ba cable car system also boasts the world’s highest track rope above mean sea level, which is 214.8 metres high.

Visitors to Cat Ba through the cable car route will be offered attractive promotions on the inaugurating occasion of between June 6 and 30.

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