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Vietnam's most beautiful bridges
  • By Viet Ha | | September 05, 2014 10:11 PM
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The rivers that have crossed the country for centuries have made it necessary to build bridges, and some of them have earned a place in peoples' hearts.

Anh Sao Bridge, HCM City

The first pedestrian in Vietnam, at the time it cost VND50 billion and is still located in Phu My Hung urban area. It crosses Ban Nguyet Lake. The bridge, which is 170 metres long and 8.3 metres wide, was put in use in April 2010. There are two artificial waterfalls at each of the bridge’s ends.

It’s called Anh Sao or "Star" because it is said to sparkle at night. The bridge is equipped with a seven-colour solar-powered lighting system. After walking around the Ban Nguyet Lake and across the Anh Sao Bridge, visitors often stop at a nearby park which boasts a beautiful landscape.

The rotating bridge of Danang

Danang City is nick-named “City of bridges” because of its natural landscape, which requires many such structures to facilitate travel. Thuan Phuoc, Rong and Tran Thi Ly are some of the most prominent. The rotating bridge crossing the Han River has become sort of a symbol of the city. Its construction started in September 1998 and it was first put into use in March, 2000. It was the first rotating bridge designed by Vietnamese engineers. and remains so today.

The bridge is almost 490 metres long and 13 metres wide. It starts to rotate at around 1am and returns to its starting point at 4am.

Many local residents and visitors often stay up late in order to see the bridge rotating. Many tourists consider this is among special things to experience when visiting Danang City.

Thi Nai Bridge in Binh Dinh Province

This is the longest bridge crossing sea in Vietnam, connecting Quy Nhon City with Phuong Mai peninsula. The bridge is nearly seven kilometres long and was put in use in December 2006 after four years construction. This is an attractive tourist destination in Quy Nhon City.

Can Tho Bridge

This is actually a suspension bridge, but has the longest span in Southeast Asia.  It is located in Can Tho City, and spans the Hau River, connecting Can Tho City with Vinh Long Province.

The bridge is nearly 16 kilometres long and is 23 metres wide.

Vinh Tuy Bridge in Hanoi

The largest bridge to be built so far in Vietnam is located in Hanoi. This bridge boasts the modernity of the country, and has become an essential transport infrastructure crossing the Red River.

Rong Bridge in Danang City

This bridge resembles a dragon and runs across the Han River in Danang City. It is 666 metres long and has been frequently featured by foreign media.

Its design was based on Ly Dynasty symbol for a dragon. The symbol dates back more than 1,000 years, but the bridge is much newer. it has gained recognition from citizens of Danang because of the way the "dragon" appears to regurgitate water each night. It has also gained recognition by the World Bridge Federation.

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