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Sapa people offer a banquet of spring festivals
  • By Pham Ngoc Trien | | February 26, 2015 08:49 AM

Sapa Town in northern Lao Cai Province is as famous for its natural beauty as its unique cultural identity, expressed by the spring festivals of its many ethnic minorities.

Roong Pooc – A new farming season for the Day Ta Van

Music performance at Roong Pooc spring festival

Foreign tourists interested at the Roong Pooc festival

Day ethnic minority people in Ta Van Commune in Sapa District hold the Roong Pooc spring festival, a adjacent to the ancient Ta Van stone field and Muong Hoa Stream. The village patriarch and commune officials pay tribute to the Mother Earth and the god for prosperity and happiness. Visitors are attracted by several folk games.

Gau Tao spring festival by Mong

Gau Tao spring festival

Folk game during the festival

Mong ethnic minority people in the northwest region and Sapa, in Lao Cai Province, hold the Gau Tao festival, which is aimed at bringing good luck for couples without children. The festival is held at the foot of the Fansipan Mountain in Ta Giang Phinh Commune, in sight of Ngo Chi Son Mountain, an atractive destination for local and foreign tourists.

Spring singing festival of Dao Do

Singing festival

Ta Phin Highlands Village is a famous tourist attraction in Sapa Town and source of the unique brocade of the Dao Do ethnic minority people. To mark the Lunar New Year, Ta Phin organises a singing festival for young men and women, so they can meet each other and find potential marriage partners.

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