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Y Ty Plateau covered in fog
  • | | August 14, 2020 01:51 PM
The beauty of Y Ty Plateau in Lao Cai Province during the four seasons have been captured by a tourist.

Tourists who have come to Y Ty Plateau often say they will return. 33-year-old Phi Minh Manh who has visited Y Ty 10 times in six years said the Hanoi-Lao Cai trip has become very familiar to him.

"I want to take photos of Y Ty through the four seasons. I'm addicted to this land. The air is fresh, it's peaceful and the people are friendly," he said.

Vu Quan from HCM City said he visited Y Ty once and fell in love with it. He said he wanted to visit Y Ty again after the first trip.

"I came to Y Ty in mid-July when I was on the cross-country trip through 30 provinces and cities. I was tired after a long trip but I felt refreshed when I saw the plateau covered in fog like a picture there. I visited many beautiful places on my trip but Y Ty is the most memorable and unique to me," he said.

Y Ty is 2,000 metres above sea level and covered in fog almost all year round. According to the locals, the plateau is the most beautiful in March or April. From far away, visitors can see the rooftops of Ha Nhi ethnic people hidden in the fog and trees. In May and June, the terraced fields often look like large mirrors as they are filled with water and the new crop is planted. In September and October, the fields will turn yellow as the harvest season starts.

A popular spot for tourists is Y Ty Park which is just a small area at the end of the road in Choan Then Village. The children often come there to play while the adults rest. From this park, visitors can easily see the raw beauty of Y Ty.

Y Ty Plateau is 80km away from Lao Cai City. Despite developing infrastructure, Y Ty still holds the raw beauty and feels separated from the busy city life.

Some photos of Y Ty:







Y Ty Plateau

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