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Blooming daisy season on Hung Yen
  • | | December 20, 2021 07:00 AM
Fields of Chrysanthemums in the northern province at Hung Yen are coming into full bloom at this time, bringing a stunning beauty.

The daisy fields are located in Nghia Trai Village, Van Lam District. The village is well-known for traditional herbs, especially chrysanthemum or king daisy which has been grown there for hundreds of years. 

Besides the beauty, this kind of flower has many benefits for human health such as detoxing, de-stress and improving eye health.

Only one crop of the flower is planted each year between June and December. The flower starts blooming in late November.

During the harvest in December, a person can pick up 23 kilos of flowers a day. The flower is brought home to be dried for sale. The dry flowers ranges from VND200,000-500,000 per kilo, depending on different methods.


Meanwhile, fresh flowers are sold at around VND35,000 per kilo.

Nghia Trai Village is now home to 20 hectares of traditional herbs and 38 hectares of bonsai trees, generating jobs for around 80% of local households.

At this time of the year, many people rush to Nghia Trai to enjoy the scene.


The village also has different kinds of traditional herbs besides the flowers.

A 294-hectare urban area project has been planned to be carried out in the village’s flower growing area.

Every year, people in Nghia Trai process thousands of tonnes of herbs to sell to medicine companies in big cities. Part of the products are also exported to China. This has helped improve the income for many households.

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