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Quiet Hanoi streets at night
  • By Huu Nghi | | July 11, 2019 03:02 PM
Unlike the day, Hanoi’s streets become quiet at night, giving the city a romantic beauty.

Phung Hung Street which is still home to some old houses and is deserted by around 11 pm 

O Quan Chuong is the shortest street in Hanoi with the length of just 75 metres 


A house on Duong Thanh Street 


The house at 47 Hang Bac is divided into different small rooms 

Cong Duc Street looks more beautiful in the traffic lights 

French-style houses 

Hang Chieu Street 

Hang Ma Street where many products are sold, including footwear, glass and ceramics 

Hang Dao Street, one of Hanoi’s busiest streets 


Hang Huong Lane  

Ta Hien Street is often called Foreigner Street (Pho Tay)

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