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Hanoi residents stay up late to cook Chung Cake
  • |, TP | January 23, 2020 07:47 AM
Many residents in Hanoi enjoyed a sleepless night to cook the traditional cake of Chung for Tet on local pavements.



Son, 60, in Khuong Dinh Street said that this is the 8th year he cooked Chung Cakes overnight. He mainly served the cake for his relatives and neighbours. 

Son tried to collect pieces of woods before Tet for the work 

"It takes me around 12 hours to finish cooking Chung cakes. I almost did not sleep a night. I can cook 170 cakes every night. The number of Chung cake I make this year will double last year due to the higher demand. I have to spend three nights to meet the orders,” Son added. 

Each Chung cake is sold at VND50-120,000 (USD2.17-5.21), depending on different sizes, higher than previous years due to the rise in pork prices. 

The work helps to increase his income on Tet besides working as a motorbike driver. 

Hai, 50, also cooked Chung cakes overnight on Vu Tong Phan Street.


The same scene was at a corner of Khuong Ha Street where some households cooked Chung cakes together 

Children also joined the cooking 

While nowadays, many people choose to buy Chung cakes at supermarkets, others make them by themselves to maintain part of Hanoi’s traditional Tet atmosphere.

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