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Bikes of Hanoi photos shortlisted for Sony World Photography Award
  • |, Worldphoto | February 18, 2020 09:19 AM

A collection of photos named bikes of Hanoi is among finalists for the Sony World Photography Awards 2020 Professional competition’s Portraiture category.

The photos taken by photographer Jon Enoch from London was selected from a competition record 135,000 entries.

“Delivery drivers on the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam, use their amazing balance skills to deliver goods to shops and vendors across the city, while some riders sell directly from their bikes.

“New legislation plans to ban motorbikes from the city by 2030 in a bid to improve air quality and reduce congestion. In addition to this, the country’s rapid economic expansion has led to an increased use of vans for commercial deliveries, instead of bikes.

“When I read about this, it struck me that the age-old art of riding an overloaded bike might be soon coming to an end. As a result, I spent a week in Hanoi, chasing down riders and convincing them to pose for the camera. Their cargoes included footballs, water, car parts, eggs, pet fish and ice," Enoch said about his series on

The 2020 Sony World Photography Award is divided into ten categories. The winner of each category will be honoured at the awards ceremony scheduled to be organised in London on April 16.

The Bikes of Hanoi photo collection:






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