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Hanoians cook Chung cakes through the night
  • | | February 11, 2021 03:00 PM
Many people in Hanoi enjoyed a sleepless night to boil the traditional cake of Chung or Banh Chung for Tet on local pavements.

This year represents the ninth year that Nguyen Van Son on Khuong Dinh Street, Thanh Xuan District has made Banh Chung for his family, relatives and neighbours.

It takes Son’s family around 12 hours cooking Chung Cake. His family members had to take turns for the work.

Ingredients for making Chung cakes include dong leaves, mung beans, meat and glutinous rice. After wrapping, Chung cakes are arranged in the pot for boiling.

Son often cooks around 80 Chung cakes in a pot.

Another family on Vu Tong Phan Street also boiled Chung cakes on the street.

Making Chung cakes is an indispensable part of Tet.

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