Insiders speak about training quality of people founded schools
  • | VietNamNet | November 30, 2011 07:27 AM

A lot of students of people founded schools admit that the material facilities of the schools are very poor with the classrooms in weak lights, broken chairs; while they do not have textbooks, which badly affect their studying.


What do students say?

A lot of polled students of the Dong Do University said that the training quality is good, while lecturers always keep enthusiastic and students keep serious during the lessons. The only thing they complain about is the poor material facilities of the school.

While affirming that the school’s studying environment is “very good”, but N.T.T, a student, was still seen sitting on the corridor, though the teaching period began 20 minutes ago. When asked why she did not enter the class, T said that the class was too crowded now and there is no room left, except the room on the first row. Meanwhile, T did not want a seat on the first row.

In the talk with reporters, T said that the material facilities of the school’s campus on Nguyen Trai Street are still very poor, with classrooms in the darkness and broken chairs.

T also said that there is no library here, and that most of students have to look for textbooks themselves. Teachers give a textbook to students and tell them to make copies, or they tell them to look for the textbooks at bookstores.

Also complaining about the lack of textbooks, N.D.H, another student, said that this has been affecting the study of students. H lives in Chuong My district, far from the school, and he goes to school every day by bus. If he wants to borrow textbook from the school’s library, he has to go the main campus of the school, which is really inconvenient for a person traveling by bus like him.

H said that the management board of the school should think of building up a library at the campus on Nguyen Trai Street, where students can go to seek documents and information, which will help improve the teaching and learning conditions.

Talking about the libraries, a female student, who asked to be not named, said that the school only has one small library located at the campus at No 20 of Ton That Tung Street. There are only…four computers in the library to serve the searching for documents of students.

The student also complained that the lecture halls are not clean, while the material facilities in bad conditions.

However, while admitting the bad conditions of the material facilities, most of the students of the school said that it would be better to feel satisfactory what the things the school has. “It’s better to not compare enviously with state owned schools or newly built school. It’s more important on how you learn,” Trung, a student, said.

However, the students have said that if the material facilities can be improved, this would help improve the teaching and learning of lecturers and students.

The lack of textbook seems to be the problem of not only the Dong Do University. N.H.N, a student of the Dai Nam University, said that he usually has to look for textbooks for some subjects himself. He said that the learning environment here is very good, but some students keep unserious attitude to the studying, chatting during the lessons.

What does the school’s board of management say?

Nguyen Thanh Tinh, President of the Dong Do University, has admitted that to date, the school still has not had good material facilities, and that the school’s students still have to study in rooms rent by the school.

However, Tinh has affirmed that the rent campuses all can meet the requirements for a learning environment. “The classrooms are located on multi-storey buildings, where there are enough desks, lamps, fans. We also have laboratory, meeting hall and library. Especially, the lecturers are all qualified,” he said.

It seems that the teaching conditions of the school are not as bad as the students complain. Tinh said that the school regularly replaces the chairs which get broken or unused. The school’s library has 20,000 books which can meet the basic needs of students. Especially, he said that students must not keep unserious during the lessons, because under the current regulations, if students are absent from 20 percent of the teaching periods, they will not be allowed to take the exams.

Phan Trong Phuc, President of the Dai Nam University, has also affirmed that the school has been equipped with all necessary teaching aids, which is an advantage of the school to attract students. He also said that all students keep serious attitude to their learning, and that the truancy is only made by some students. 

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