Blind, but never lost sight
  • | | March 30, 2010 10:03 AM

Being blind for over 10 years, a young man has overcome many challenges in order to become self-sufficient. No longer is he a burden to his family.

Ha Minh Quan was born in 1987 to a needy family at Tu Ly Commune, Da Bac District, Hoa Binh. His father was partially paralysed so only his mother could go to work in the fields.

Quan learned to read Braille at the Nguyen Van To Education Center

When he was in 2nd grade, he suddenly started losing his vision and became impaired. Quan’s parents took him to the provincial hospital and after 2 months, doctors came to a conclusion that his vision impairment could not be cured.

Gradually, his vision was getting increasingly worse. His parents tried their best to find medicine to save his eyes but they were helpless.

Despite challenges, Quan still tried to study hard and his schooling results were always good. When he was 11, he was forced to leave school because his vision had been totally lost.

One day, he met a person who advised him to learn body massage at the Association for the Blind in Thanh Tri District, Hanoi. His life made a turning point when he finally could make money on his own after spending a lot of time and effort to study body massage techniques.

Quan shared, “At first, it’s very difficult to learn. I felt so tired after each lesson, however, after some days, I got used to it gradually.”

Then he wanted to become literate. He applied for a class at Nguyen Van To Education Center at Hang Quat Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. He went to the class every Sunday. Now he’s studying the 7th grade there.

His study desires do not stop there. He wants to learn English and computer skills as well. Quan added, “My current goal is to have a secondary school degree. I am not scared of being blind but I'm scared of being illiterate.”

In addition, Quan also helps other blind people. He often asks his mother to find out if anyone needs his help. Nguyen Van Quy, born in 1983 said, “Quan is a very kind person. He helped me to learn and find a job. I found a better life now.”

Saying good-bye to Quan, I believe that happiness will come to those who struggle to over come difficulties and never lose faith in life.

Quan (left) taught Quy Braille. Now Quy can read and write in Braille.

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