Affiliate degree scams threaten education system
  • | LD, | June 20, 2012 11:43 AM
 >>  Misconduct at large universities revealed

A number of higher education scams have been revealed recently which pose potential dangers for the education system.


Recently, the Government Inspectorate discovered a number of misconducts at affiliate programmes run by the Center for Educational Technology and Career Development (ETC), under National University in Hanoi in partnership with foreign schools. Students in these programmes were not required to write or protect their graduate theses.

As a result, 2,000 degrees might be rescinded from graduates.

Affiliate programmes have become quite popular in Vietnam, among who prefer to attach the name of foreign schools to their resumes. As a result, there have been many partnerships with small schools from overseas, creating an 'education business' that attracts people who want easy degrees.

Experts said the Ministry of Education and Training has a duty to take responsibility for schools outside the National University's system.

"These schools had to present their affiliated programme projects to the Ministry of Education and Training to get approval," one expert said.

The misconducts at ETC revealed gaping loopholes, which some say were a result of giving too many rights to Vietnam National University.

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