Universities forced to halt training programmes
  • By S.H | | March 14, 2013 12:50 PM
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The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has decided to halt training in five fields at two private universities this year.


 Several schools were ordered to halt enrollment due to deficiencies in infrastructure and teaching staff

As a result, training will be halted for programmes, including food technology, plant protection, library science and electronics at Luong The Vinh University, as well as the Chinese language programme at Chu Van An University.

The ministry also made public a list of universities that will halt enrollment in 2013, including Hung Vuong University, College of Technology and Saigon College of Economics and Technology. These schools were requested to halt enrollment last year, and have yet to deal with internal issues that affect their training programmes.

Six other schools were ordered to halt enrollment for seven areas, including the business training programme at Hanoi Financial and Banking University, construction technology at Tan Tao University, business administration at Dong Thap University, accounting and business administration at Nam Dinh Techical Teaching University, Vietnamese studies at Hung Yen College of Technology and engineering at Vinatex College of Economics and Technology. The reasons given for this forced enrollment freeze had to do with deficiencies in infrastructure and teaching staff.

Nguyen Huy Bang, the chief MoET Inspector said that the schools would be allowed to resume enrollment the following year on the condition they solve their internal problems.

Those schools which face the force halt to certain programmes would be required to submit a dossier to re-register for training in those fields.

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