Private universities claim market is unfair
  • By Hong Hanh | | August 26, 2013 08:18 AM
 >>  Vietnamese private universities face closure for lack of students
 >>  Private universities want lower entrance requirements
 >>  Private universities attempt to lure new students

Many private universities in Vietnam are struggling enroll students and claim that they should get government funding as public schools do.


Contestants for university entrance exams 

The result of the government's currently policy is that tuition at most private schools is much higher that those of public schools, making it more likely that potential students choose public universities.

Currently, tuition at private schools is around an average of four times higher than at that of public universities, as they are subsidised with around 70% of their budgets. Public schools are also exempt from corporate taxes.

The way forward

This year 238,000 university applicants were not accepted at public schools, but are still provided with a second option for public university. Private universities would like to see this practice stop in order to bolster their numbers.

Nguyen Van Hung, principal of Luong The Vinh University said, "We've only received a few applicants even though we've tried to promote our programmes on radio and television. We really hope to attract more students this year."

Phuong Dong University regularly reaches around 70% of its enrollment quota, which is a very good track record compared to other private universities. But the administration is still worried about numbers.

Phan Trong Duc, Principal of Dai Nam University said, "It is vital that we increase our enrollment numbers. We've added two new training programmes in architecture and pharmacists."

In order to attract students, private universities are beginning to apply different incentive policies, including exemption for one month of tuition fees, providing scholarships to excellent students  and making tuition reductions of up to 50% for underprivileged students.

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