Live! Now: "Strategies for success in studying English with AAC"
  • | | June 10, 2010 08:58 AM

An online exchange about English study methods, organised by DanTri in co-ordination with AAC, is going live right now.

Readers are having the opportunity to join in a live conversation with experienced teachers from AAC Language & Skills Training. The exchange allows participants to address issues such as the particular challenges commonly experienced by Vietnamese learners studying English, as well as specific strategies for overcoming those obstacles.

Special guests invited to take part in the online exchange program include two AAC teachers, Mr. Paul Stanton and Ms. Tran Kim Chung, and former AAC student Phan Tuan Linh.

Link to the online exchange: Live! Strategies for success in studying English with AAC

The online exchange is carried out both in Vietnamese and English. Readers can submit questions in Vietnamese on Dan Tri at, or in English on DTiNews at Questions will be answered live and translated into both languages so that they can appear immediately on both DanTri and DTiNews.



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