US veterans, General Giap’s family build school
  • By Phuong Nhung | | January 22, 2014 01:29 PM

The Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF) and General Vo Nguyen Giap’s family have built a primary complex on a former battle field in the northern province of Cao Bang.


New school

The Boeing Company partially funded the project through the VVAF.

The complex cost USD180,000 and is located in, Tam Kim Commune, Nguyen Binh District, where General Giap established the People’s Army of Vietnam, with the only 34 soldiers on December 22, 1944.


Ribbon cutting at the opening ceremony of the new school on January 21

The complex encompasses a new two-story classroom building, three renovated rooms, a computer lab, a new fenced-in playground, and a clean water system.

Wheelchair ramps were built in as part of the school buildings in order to ensure access for students and parents with disabilities.

The school’s dedication ceremony marked General Vo Nguyen Giap's last gift to the people of Tam Kim. Construction of the school started in 2013 when General Giap was still alive.


Most students are from ethnic minority groups

The fully-equipped school will serve the commune’s 147 students and will employ 13 teachers. As many as 75% of the students and teachers are from ethnic minority groups, including Tay, Dao, and Ngai, many of whom are living under the poverty line.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, on December 21, General Giap’s son, Vo Hong Nam, said, “When my father was still alive, he was greatly pleased to know that the grandchildren of the people who had contributed to the liberation of Vietnam in 1945 would have new rooms for studying and new places for playing.”

General Giap’s Vo Hong Nam granting gifts to the school

Jim Polmanteer, a representative of Boeing in Vietnam, said, “We all agree that education is essential for children all over the world to learn, grow, live their dreams and make our world an even better place.”


Scholarships given to students at Tam Kim Primary School

On the occasion, 30 scholarships, 200 books, 300 pairs of socks and a number of jackets were also given to students and teachers.

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