Teacher dismissed after slapping students
  • | NLD, Vietnamplus, | February 24, 2014 05:11 PM
 >>  Clip of violence between students and teacher causes outrage

The teacher who slapped two high school students in Binh Dinh Province was dismissed after a video of the incident and the ensuing scuffle surfaced.


Violence erupts in classroom

The provincial Department of Education and Training decided to fire Tran Anh Tuan, a teacher of chemistry at Nguyen Hue High School on the morning of February 24.

A video clip, in which two high school students fought with their teacher after being slapped stirred a great amount of interest and concern. The incident occured during a chemistry class. Disciplinary actions were also taken by the provincial Department of Education and Training against the students.

After the clip of the classroom fiasco at Nguyen Hue High School spread across the internet, the father of the teacher asked the school administration for his son to be returned home because of the rising public outcry in which the school was located.

Nguyen Van Vinh, Deputy Principle of the school, said that the teacher’s father wanted him to resign from the job and pursue studies in another sector. According to Vinh, Tuan agreed with his father’s advice.

Quach Nguyen Huyen Tran, the school’s principle, said the incident negatively affected the image of educational institutions in the province.

Dao Duc Tuan, the department’s director said, after being informed about the incident, they issued an official document to require stricter measures to prevent school violence in the education system of the province.

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