Overseas Vietnamese students create careers back home
  • By Hoai Nam | | August 28, 2014 02:03 PM

While many Vietnamese citizens who study abroad choose not to return, others have found successful careers in their home country.

Many Vietnamese people studying overseas do not want to return Vietnam because they feel there are better opportunities in the country in which they study. Still, others prove this not to be the rule.

Tran Nguyen Le Van finished a masters course in business administration at Thunderbird University in the US, and came up with an idea for trading bus tickets online while at school. Despite strong opposition from his family back home, he pursued the idea.


Tran Nguyen Le Van

He said, "While I was studying abroad, I heard about so many stories of Vietnamese people who line up for hours just to get tickets to get home for Tet. I thought, 'What a waste of time!' and decided to start a business to make the process easier."

Refusing the option of staying in the US and finding a job there, he returned Vietnam and set up an online bus ticket trading system. He considers this a contribution to his home country, and he now runs the largest online bus ticket system in the country.

Ly Chi Hieu, an outstanding Vietnamese student in the UK, returned to Vietnam after graduation and set up a system to help young Vietnamese people to obtain scholarships for overseas study.


Nguyen Chi Hieu

“I found my career direction when two of my students got scholarships for overseas study. I want to do something to contribute to society here, instead of just trying to make money for myself," Hieu said.

While many people think it silly to return Vietnam after overseas study, Le Nguyen Minh Quang, who is currently director of Bach Solotanche Vietnam, disagrees.

“When you decide to return to Vietnam for work, you will be the first to benefit from that decision. You will also be a benefit to your country. Even when you're sick, you will be happy to see your relatives around you. Also, you can eat traditional Vietnamese food whenever you want," he added.

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