Japan giving $4 million in scholarships to Vietnam
  • | | July 14, 2010 01:28 PM

Japan has signed a diplomatic agreement to grant Vietnam USD 4 million in scholarships.

Vietnamese students in Japan

The Japan Human Resource Development Scholarships (JDS) Programme will select and grant scholarships to Vietnamese citizens for postgraduate training opportunities in Japan.

The Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has been implementing this program since 2000 and as of 2009, a total of 276 Vietnamese students have been sent to Japan with a total funding of about 3.8 billion Yen (USD 43 million).

The Japanese government has continued their commitment to the programme funding with 362 million Yen (USD 4 million). It is estimated that in 2010, 28 Vietnamese citizens will be granted a scholarship to Japan to study Master training programmes in areas such as Law, Public Policy, Business Management, Economics, Agriculture, Information Technology, Environmental Policy and International Relations.

On July 12, Minister of MoET, Pham Vu Luan, and Japanese Ambassador Sakaba Mitsuo signed a diplomatic agreement for the JDS program to continue in the period 2010 - 2011 and in the next stages.

At the ceremony, Luan said, “Vietnam has always appreciated cooperative programmes from other nations that help Vietnam to further develop our human resources. This scholarship programme funded by the Japanese government has brought many encouraging results, and contributed to the high quality training of human resource for Vietnam.”

Ambassador Sabaka Mitsuo expressed his wish for continued cooperation with Vietnam in the field of education and training. He said that he will try to find a way to increase the number of Vietnamese students studying in Japan, and through this program, Sbaka Mitsuo hopes to both improve the quality of Vietnam’s human resources and strengthen the close ties between the two nations.

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