International schools inaccessible to average Vietnamese students
  • | VietNamNet, | October 24, 2014 10:29 AM
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Several international and private schools in Hanoi charge very high tuition fees, sometimes reaching the hundreds of millions of VND per year.


Student library of United Nations International School 

The number of students admitted to these schools each year is only around 300, each pupil having to go through a rigorous examination process. The student bodies of these elite schools consists of 90% foreign nationals and most have gone to expensive, high-quality preschools. 

Students at these schools often study at high-quality preschools where they have chance to acquire foreign language skills at early ages. So, most of them possess good foreign language skills.

Lycee Francais only admits new students at the preschool level, while primary students and above are required to be French citizens, fluent in the language.

Apart from basic the basic curriculum stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Training, bilingual courses are also taught. Many education facilities of the same caliber charge as much as VND450 million per school year.

In addition, a number of bilingual schools charge extra fees for infrastructure, transport and boarding fees which mount to as much as VND100 million per year.

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