Students pray at scholars' temple for exam success
  • By Minh Tien | | July 02, 2015 03:42 PM
 >>  One million students sit for national exams

Students are flocking to Hanoi's Temple of Literature to pray for luck during final exams.

This year, the high school graduation exam will decide which universities the students can apply to enter, eliminating a second entrance exam for college aspirants.

Examinations are already being conducted nationwide, but as they wait for their results, students are revisiting the Temple of Literature to pray they have been successful.

Up to 40,000 students queue before the Stelae of Doctors, where the names of successful students at royal exams have been carved on 116 stones carried by turtles.

Students over the centuries have touched the turtles' heads for luck, which caused them to wear down. The temple has erected barriers to protect the statues.

They now throw money and parents prepare offerings along with their childrens' names and examination number, hoping the deities will give them special favour.




Students pray at the Temple of Literature (photo:vietnamnet)

Praying for best results

Some families prepares offerings with fruits and wine

Barriers protect the Stelae of Doctors

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