Classrooms in mountainous areas put students at risk
  • | | September 16, 2010 11:59 AM

The risk of building-collapse at schools in some mountainous areas has teachers and students fearful of the classroom.

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Handrails on the front corridor have completely broken down

Those attending and working at schools in the two mountainous communes of Huong Lam and Huong Lien, in the central province of Ha Tinh’s Huong Khe district, have anxiety-filled days as the conditions of their school are a threat to their safety.

The first school that DTiNews visited was Huong Lien Secondary School. The building’s walls were full of cracks and the stairs had broken handrails. Handrails on the front corridor have completely broken down, creating dangerous gaps.

Teachers and students have experienced many close calls due to the dangerous condition of the school. Dinh Ngoc Thai, a pupil from Class 9D, said “On numerous occasions, we have screamed out in fear when pieces of debris have suddenly fell to the floor and tables.”

Huong Lien Primary School is also dealing with similar circumstances as fractures have started appearing on walls and pieces ofdebris have peeled off from the ceiling. Headmaster Dinh Van Chinh has admitted the building is in dangerous condition and added that the management board has taken some of the schooling funds to upgrade a number of classrooms.

An even worse scene was witnessed at nursery and primary schools in Huong Lam commune. A two-floor building with eight classrooms was severely degraded. Its equipment such as tables, lamps and fans have been used for such a long time they are no longer efficient.

These conditions in the classroom have left parents very worried about the safety of their children. Pham Thi Luan, whose two children learn at Huong Lam Secondary School, said, “I feel very anxious for my children, particularly in the rainy and windy weather.”

Principal of Huong Lam Secondary School, Thai Van Huyen said, “We have submitted reports on the school conditions to the district authority several times but have not yet received any support.”

In an interview with DTiNews reporters, head of Huong Khe district’s Education and Training Department attributed the conditions to a shortage of funds.

“We are accelerating the quality of examination at local schools to call for financial support from the provincial Department of Education and Training and other sources,” Minh added.

Steel is exposed as this pillar is crumbling apart.

Many pupils at Huong Lam Secondary School are used to jumping out of the way of falling debris.

Children are constantly worried about their safety.

The Vietnamese Prime Minister has approved a project to spend VND4.5 trillion ($230.76 million) to consolidate schools and public buildings for teachers this year. Under the project, the country will build 27,888 classrooms and 6,109 public buildings for teachers this year.


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