Brutal nursery teachers sacked
  • | | February 06, 2017 01:47 PM
Two teachers at a kindergarten in Hanoi have been sacked for being rude and physically abusive of the children.

On February 4, a video clip posted on the internet enraged many people. In the two-minute clip, a nursery teacher yelled and used a slipper to hit a boy on the head after he peed at the door. The teacher hit him a second time because he cried.

When another boy defecated in his pants, a teacher hit his head with a stick before pulling him into the bathroom, yelling and threatening him. As a child was crying in the hallway, a teacher kneed him, telling him to shut up and sit at the table. After that, she pinched and pulled his ears, making him cry harder.

Teacher used a slipper to hit a boy

Tran Luu Hoa, head of Hai Ba Trung District Department of Education and Training confirmed that the case occurred at Sen Vang Kindergarten in Hai Ba Trung District. She said that the teachers, D.T. Binh, born in 1994 and N.T. Ngat, born in 1995, had been suspended right after the case was discovered. They started working at the kindergarten since September last year.

Vu Thi Tan, head of Sen Vang Kindergarten said they decided to terminate the contracts with two teachers on February 5. The clip was recorded by a retired teacher.

Both Binh and Ngat expressed regret about their behaviour. "I couldn't control my anger and failed to fulfil my responsibilities. I had used a stick to threaten, hit the children and yelled at them," she wrote in the report.

Ngat also said on January 8, because the boy cried too much, she couldn't control her emotions and had let herself get angry.

The kindergarten is still working with the district Department of Education and Training and Minh Khai Ward People's Committee for final punishment today, February 6.

The kindergarten was set up in June, 2015 and had all licences.

Parents of a boy said, "A manager of the kindergarten and the teacher's parents visited and apologised to us and we accepted their apology."

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