Japan helps Vietnam train robotic engineers
  • | nld, | February 25, 2017 12:00 PM
A collaborative project between Japanese government and HCM City to train robotic experts in Vietnam has started on February 24.


Saigon Hi-Tech Park Training Centre receives robots from Japan

Saigon Hi-Tech Park Training Centre opened an automation workshop and helped the Japan International Co-operation Agency JICA to survey robotic training needs.

This is a JPY100m non-refundable aid for technical assistance project by JICA and will be carried out by Toyooka Company Ltd. JPY41m will be used to buy equipment including four electronic engineering systems and industrial robots.

The project aims to transfer Japanese technology and develop a team of robotic experts and improve the skill of the lecturers in HCM City to meet demands at local companies in HCM City and neighbouring provinces.

This is also the first part of the long-term collaboration between Saigon Hi-Tech Park Training Centre and Japanese partners. If successful, Saigon Hi-Tech Park Training Centre will set up a Vietnam-Japan robotic training centre.

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