Hanoi fails to control motorbike use of pupils
  • | | April 14, 2017 04:37 PM
Schools and police alike in Hanoi have been unable to keep up the ban to prevent pupils from using motorbikes to go to schools.


Pupils use motorbikes to go to school despite ban

High school pupils are allowed to use motorbikes of less than 50cc and can park their vehicles inside school premises, however, many pupils are flaunting the ban and use much more powerful motorbikes. They then park the motorbikes at various parking lots near schools. Many pupils also ignore the helmet law.

In front of a cafe on Ly Thuong Kiet Street is a long row of motorbikes and half of them belongs to high school pupils. Some pupils said they could park their motorbikes in or outside of school if they like. The school hasn't expressed any opposition.

Recently, several teachers at schools in Cau Giay District have patrolled the surroundings and will call parents if they find out that their pupils are using motorbikes. But due to lack of personnel and strict punishment, nothing has changed much. The private parking lots are still opened and the pupils sneak past the teachers. It also looks like the police haven't noticed about them.

As a result, some schools try to ignore the problem. Hoa, a pupil in Ba Dinh District, said, "Many pupils in our school use motorbikes and have asked permission from the school to park outside."

"Many pupils here ride motorbikes, they can park wherever they want. The school knows but they can't ban it," the guard of a parking lot in Bac Tu Liem District said.

Van Nhu Cuong, headmaster of Luong The Vinh Private High School, said, "We have a sizable parking area and ask all pupils to keep their vehicles there. Who park their vehicles outside will be punished. We also ask pupils to swipe their cards when entering and leaving school to prevent violations."

Nguyen Quoc Binh, headmaster of Viet-Germany High School, said they were alone as parents refused to take part in the action. Since 2003, the city Department of Education and Training have piloted traffic safety programmes at several schools including Viet-Germany School.

"We have implemented some measures such as lowering the rating of the pupil's conduct or asking parents to the school to meet teachers. But we feel alone because of parent's indifference. It's no use if the school asks pupils to wear helmets but their parents do not wear one themselves," he said.

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