Asian students take part in Summer University in Hanoi
  • | VNS | August 03, 2018 08:10 AM

Seventy students from six countries in Asia and the Pacific (Cambodia, China, Korea, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam) are learning more about France and Vietnam, right here in Hanoi.

Lots to learn: Students visit the Vietnam Museum of Ethnologie in Hanoi on Tuesday

They are at Summer University for Francophone Students taking part in an event themed "Heritage Valorisation: Meeting with the Socio-Economic World".

This event is organised by the Hanoi University with the support of l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) (Francophone Universities Association) in Asia-Pacific.

It aims to create activities enabling young Francophones from several universities in the region to perfect their knowledge of the French language and contribute to the dialogue and discovery of the cultures of the region.

It also aims to make students aware of the importance of preserving and enhancing the historical heritage for sustainable development, while enabling the students to prepare for the socio-economic world.

The campus of the Hanoi University has been transformed into a place of interuniversity exchanges between students who have in common the language of Molière.

Coming from different cultures, these young people can explore Hanoi’s own heritage and reflect together on the preservation of the country’s traditional values.

On Monday, these students took part in conferences on historical heritage, craftsmanship, and sustainable development.

They also visited well-known cultural sites of Hanoi and Bát Tràng Pottery village, learning techniques from local craftsmen.

The travel agency Travelogy, a professional partner of this 2018 Summer University, also offered workshops on responsible tourism and talked to the students about professional opportunities.

"It is very important today to make universities, teachers and students aware of the need to open up to the world of business, to the professional world as part of their studies.

The event, which runs until Saturday, “Is an opportunity as part of this summer school to introduce a little bit of the professional world," said Régis Martin, Deputy Regional Director of AUF Asia-Pacific, at the opening ceremony of the event on Monday.

In 2018, AUF in Asia-Pacific has partnered with five universities in the region to organise five summer schools in four countries, including Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Mongolia.

Shu Yuxuan, a student from China said she enjoyed the event and hopes to take part in other AUF’s summer schools next year.

“I made lots of new friends here and learned a lot from their cultures. I also improve my French language. It’s my first time in Vietnam and I am happy to discover more about Vietnamese culture and meet Vietnamese people who are very friendly. Your food is also very good,” she said.

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