New school year ceremony at Dantri/DTiNews classrooms
  • | | September 06, 2018 12:45 PM
Schools with classrooms built under the financial support Dantri/DTiNews readers organised new school year ceremony on September 5.

To date, Dantri/DTiNews Newspaper has helped to build 20 classrooms for different schools in remote and disadvantaged areas across the country. The new classrooms have replaced temporary classrooms made from bamboo.

Construction of Dantri/DTiNews-supported classrooms at Na Kieng Nursery School in Quang Lam Commune, Bao Lam District, Cao Bang Province will begin in the days to come.

The newspaper will also hold the inauguration ceremony for new classrooms at Nam He Primary School in Dien Bien Province. 

The new school year ceremony at three newly-built classrooms donated by Dantri/DTiNews readers at Son Luong Nursery School 


Children plant trees and water vegetables at the schoolyard 

Decorating the classrooms 



The new school year ceremony at Quang Tien Nursery School in Quang Trach District, Quang Binh Province 

Two classrooms at Quang Tien Nursery School were totally ruined by a storm in 2017, so Dantri/DTiNews Newspaper called on donations for the construction of new ones. As a result, readers donated VND1.2 billion for the construction. 


Students from Chieng So Secondary School attended the new school year ceremony on September 5. Dantri/DTiNews helped build five new classrooms at the school.

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