Kindergarten cameras aim to reduce abuse
  • | VNA | November 10, 2010 11:13 AM

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training is planning to pilot the installation of camera systems allowing parents to keep watch over their children at the city\'s kindergarten classrooms in the last two months of this year.

The city\'s education department plans to install cameras at kindergartens which will allow parents to be informed about their children\'s development.

The department\'s chief of the secretariat Le Thi Tai said it aimed at strengthening the management of preschool teachers and students.

The decision was taken at a recent meeting between the department and representatives from kindergartens from 24 districts in the city.

Tai said the department required the organising of courses to solve teacher training failings and improve private pre-school institutions in the city.

The department would research more effective ways to keep parents informed about the physical and mental development of their children during school-time.

The meeting was held days after four year-old boy Le Quang Vinh was found to have suffered injuries during school-time at HCM City\'s Hoa Lan Private Nursery School, after Vinh\'s teacher, Tran Thi Xuan Nu, locked the boy in a dumbwaiter.

Vinh, after panicking, injured himself in the confined space, and was discharged from hospital after a month of treatment, still showing the physical scars of his ordeal. The teacher faces criminal charges.

Tran Mai Hoa, mother of a four-year-old girl, said she only felt secure about her child if she was able to monitor her through a camera in the classroom.

"It may bother teachers and restrict their creativity during the lessons, but children\'s safety is crucial after some of the recent children abuse cases," Hoa said.

Head of the department\'s Pre-school Management Unit Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh disagreed, saying that the method would be costly but ineffective.

"It may take nearly VND100 million (US$5,100) to install camera systems at 10 classrooms. The larger the school is, the more it will have to spend," she said.

Thanh also said the introduction of cameras would only increase the pressure on teachers and do nothing in reality to strengthen their management during school-hours.

"It\'s important for teachers to feel confident and comfortable, and inspire love in their pupils for them. That\'s the most effective method, in my point of view," she said.

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