Gia Lai teacher detained for sexually abusing student
  • |, Danviet | December 21, 2018 08:16 PM
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A teacher in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a school girl.

Police in Duc Co District reported that physical education teacher Ho Trong Dang, 35, from Phan Boi Chau Secondary School has been accused of sexually assaulting an 8th grader. 


Phan Boi Chau Secondary School

According to the girl’s family, at around 6 pm on December 19, while she was standing in front of her house, a man wearing a mask and driving a motorbike asked her the way to a local hospital.

After she showed him how to go there, the man told her to get on his motorbike to more clearly show the way. He promised that he would then bring her back home.

The schoolgirl agreed and was missing for an hour. Her family informed the police of her going missing. The girl was then returned home by the man. 


Teacher Ho Trong Dang

The pupil told her family that the man took her to a deserted place behind the hospital and raped her. He threatened her when she tried to resist.

At the police station, Dang admitted what he had done to the student.

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