HCM City struggles to deal with teacher shortage
  • | | July 04, 2019 08:54 PM
Schools and universities in HCM City are having to deal with a shortage of teachers for the coming new school year.


Teaching pupils in HCM City

Many districts in HCM City have tried to find new teachers since early June. Some places need hundreds of teachers, mostly for the nursery and primary schools.

The Department of Education and Training in District 7 said they needed 200 teachers, including 38 nursery teachers, 110 primary teachers and over 50 teachers and staff at secondary schools for dozens of schools in the area. District 5 also announced that they needed 115 teachers for all grades.

With the number of pupils increases every year, shake-ups in staff, and the development of the private sector, the demand for teachers is very high. Some private schools have to recruit teachers all year long. HCM City Department of Education and Training needs nearly 443 teachers for 19 subjects at high schools and online education centres.

HCM City only hired local residents or those with long-term plans to stay in the city, however, such requirement has been changed to "all Vietnamese citizens" to deal with the teacher shortage. However, many people don't want to work too far from home while the salaries are too low. The highest monthly salary for a newly-graduated teacher is just VND3m.

As a result, many people only worked for a short period and quit when they were able to find a new job.

HCM City universities are also in need of lecturers. The University of Finance and Marketing advertised for staff but received no applications in nearly a month. According to the universities, it's hard to recruit lecturers for popular departments such as business administration and information technology.

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